May 20, 2014

Deep thoughts

In what might become a recurring series, here are some of the thoughts that have been hanging around in my head recently:

-On our first night in the house I joked with Court about the possibility that the house is haunted, but then I remembered that I’ve seen Dashboard Confessional live: there’s nothing that can haunt me more than that.

-At work I have informal nicknames for people whom I dislike. Some examples are The Ogre, Bobby Flay, Rolling Thunder, and Zombieman. I wonder if anyone here has a nickname for me. Ideally I’d like something that reflects my introverted and antisocial nature, like "fantasma blanco," but I guess I'd be okay with anything as long as it's better than “googly-eyed douche.”

-If I were on death row (not that I consider this possibility often) my last meal would be a steak burrito from Los Burritos Tapatios in Glen Ellyn (or their Lisle location, depending on where exactly I was being put to death).

-I bet if you showed any developer in the Northeast an open plot of land he would look at it for a second and then say, “Hey, we could put a Dunkin Donuts here.”

-I’m continually amazed by how many people in this day and age still use fax machines. Any time a client at work says they’re faxing something over I have to resist the urge to reply with, “One second, let me step back to 1996 and let you know if it comes through.”

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