June 2, 2014

Put out the light

It was another long, sleepless weekend but the house finally has hardwood flooring installed. Court’s dad and uncle returned (they were here the previous weekend for all the painting) and for two days the house was a cacophony of hammers, nail guns, and saws as we put all the hardwood in place. I like working with Court’s dad and uncle - it’s like being in a Three Stooges movie except that there’s a lot of work that gets done in addition to all the tomfoolery. Well, that and there’s really only two stooges. I guess I could include myself but I’m not particularly funny and I spent most of the time working in the background; I’d be the fake Shemp of the group.

At this point all we have to do is clean, paint one more room, and do a bit of touching up for the house to be “done,” or at least done with all the major weekend-consuming projects. We’ve been living there full time for almost a month now yet it was only this past weekend that it really hit me that we live here now. I’ve made so many trips back to the apartment in Troy in the meantime that there was always a part of my subconscious that assumed at some point we’d box everything up and go back. The move didn’t feel permanent at first. It wasn’t until I was taking one last stroll through the apartment, looking wistfully in each empty room before turning off the light and closing the door for the last time that it really did.

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