June 10, 2014

There are no free lunches

Today most of the rest of the office is packed into the conference room, standing in line for pizza, salad, and a can of soda. I’m at my desk, reading a book and eating the lunch I brought. There are two reasons I’m skipping the festivities - first, the pizza they order here kind of blows. Second, the meeting following the pizza has almost nothing to do with what I do here, so I didn’t feel like eating in bewilderment and boredom while gazing at PowerPoint slides irrelevant to my job. Lunch meetings here are almost always a mad dash for crappy food and then sitting in a hot room for an hour while trying to stay awake. No thanks, I’ll stay here and eat my sandwich in peace. In general there’s not much I’m interested in waiting in line for. Were it “Free Ice Cream Day” or “Punch Rush Limbaugh in the Face Day” without a meeting to follow then I might stick around. Not today, though.

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