May 23, 2014

Up and at 'em

This morning I found myself running through my neighborhood at 5:00 AM. I’d planned to get up early and run, although not that early, but at 4:55 I was awake in bed and figured I might as well get dressed and go out and run. Tonight and for most of the next three days Court and I are embarking on a marathon to paint as much of the house as possible so if I want to run I have to do it whenever I can find the time, even if it means leaving the house when it’s still dark out.

The neighborhood was quiet and I felt like I had the entire city to myself. I still sometimes miss our more urban apartment in Troy - the architecturally splendid brownstones, the little cafes and bookstores within walking distance, but on mornings like this one when all was quiet except for my breathing and the birds singing in the trees and with the rising sun turning the dew on all the lawns into gold I could appreciate why the suburbs were so appealing to city-dwellers in decades past.

Work on the house is progressing slowly but it’s moving, much the same way I was this morning as I wearily trotted out five miles. It’s overwhelming at times when I think of how much we still have left to do but I know that in due time it will all get done. As long as I’m living a life that’s moving forward I can be content with where I am today.

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