May 25, 2014

Watching Paint Dry: Painting the house, Day 2

Forty-eight hours down and I haven’t slept for any of them. In the early morning hours I decided to go for a run to clear my head, and for the entire run I felt amazing, almost euphoric. Then I realized I’d only run about ten steps before collapsing at the end of my driveway and hallucinating the rest.

The bedrooms and hallways are mostly done. The window frames and baseboards need to be hit with a final coat and there’s general touching up to do, but they are coming together pretty much as we’d imagined. The “Yankee Room,” so called because of its vertical blue pinstripes, is now a cheery yellow. The master bedroom went from blue to green and the second bedroom started the day as lavender but is now brown.

Still to come are the living room, downstairs den, and the downstairs hall. Oh, and a lot more spackling. If I had a nickel for every nail hole I had to fill in the door/window frames and the baseboards I’d use that staggering sum of money to build a time machine to go back and punch the guy who built this house in the face.

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